Distance Reiki Sessions

Distance Reiki Sessions 

Our reiki certified, expertly trained Mystical Life Coaches offer 60 and 90 minute sessions.

Distance Reiki Session Description:

Distance healing is a powerful technique that allows you to receive Reiki beyond the constraints of space and time, allowing practitioners to transmit spiritual energy beyond physical contact.

In your session you will meet with the Reiki practitioner via Zoom. This allows connection, the opportunity to answer questions about the modality, discuss your needs for the treatment and explain the distance healing process.

After the initial intake via Zoom you are encouraged to find a quiet relaxing space in your environment.

The practitioner will send Reiki for the remaining duration of the treatment. A followup email with feedback and after care instructions will be sent via email promptly following your session.

90 Minute Reiki Treatment $188.00:

Initial appointments are required to be a 90 minute booking and treatment.


Treatment will follow a short intake.


Following the first 90 minute appointment, you may choose 60 minute or 90 minute sessions with your practitioner.

60 Minute Reiki Treatment $122.00:

60 Minute appointments are available to clients who have already been through a 90 minute treatment and intake.

Adrienne Shulze

Adrienne is a Usui Reiki Master and energy healer 5 years experienced in working with adults, children and animals. Currently she has a successful at home and traveling practice, as well as a senior practitioner for the past 3 years with The Survivor Wellness House in Salt Lake City Utah, which is a non-profit organization helping cancer patients and family members of survivors offering alternative treatments and medicine.

Including her practice, she teaches Reiki levels I, II & Masters to others wanting to learn this modality and attuning others to becoming Reiki masters themselves.

Adrienne continues to deepen her knowledge of self and Reiki, as well as to educating her clients about the healing powers of energy to others while providing the most nurturing and profound healing sessions possible.

Treloar Hocking

For over 20 years, I have trained in all levels of Reiki and have been a Reiki Master teaching others the art of Reiki since 2010. There is a natural development in the area of intuition, natural gifts and true empathy while treating self and others in this healing modality.

I have treated clients in clinics, hospitals, resorts and in their homes. It has been an honor and privilege to share the blessings of Reiki with them.

I am passionate about training and mentoring students in Reiki levels I, II and Mastery and look forward to sharing Reiki with you.

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